OTID Entertainment: Pioneering Afro-Caribbean Vibes in Cardiff's Nightlife Scene

In the rhythm-rich tapestry of Cardiff’s nightlife, one name resonates above all—OTID Entertainment. This dynamic force, born out of a quest for diversity and cultural celebration, stands as a testament to visionary leadership and a team united by passion. Let’s delve into the vibrant journey of OTID Entertainment and the remarkable individuals steering this cultural revolution.

In the heart of Cardiff, a cultural revolution is underway, and it goes by the name of OTID Entertainment. Established in 2021 as a student-led initiative, this dynamic force has rapidly become the torchbearer of Afro-Caribbean celebration in Wales. Today, we explore the journey of OTID Entertainment, a trailblazer that has left an indelible mark on Cardiff’s nightlife.

A Fresh Beat at the University of South Wales:

The roots of OTID Entertainment trace back to Osamagbe, who, as a fresher at the University of South Wales, was struck by the alarming lack of music diversity at the Students’ Union night. Fueled by the desire to transform this landscape, he assumed the role of ACS Event Manager, orchestrating the first African-Caribbean event in the university’s history.

From Campus Triumphs to Citywide Domination:

What began as a student-led initiative quickly evolved into a citywide phenomenon. OTID Entertainment’s success at the university compelled the hosting of four additional events at the university’s nightclub, attracting over 3000 students. This triumphant streak led to the launch of “RnB Wednesdays” at Club Ice Pontypridd, marking the brand’s entry into Cardiff’s bustling nightlife.